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Unnoticed... Until it’s Gone

We’ve all been there; cooking up a storm in the kitchen, timers dinging, pots and pans clinking and banging, maybe the smoke alarm (or as we refer to it in my family, the “Irish dinner bell”) has gone off a time or two. Everything gets plated up and the family sits down to enjoy a good, home-cooked meal.

Then someone goes and turns off the fan above the stove. The entire family lets out a sigh of relief. No one noticed the annoying background noise from the fan until it went away. In the same fashion, many people deal with “white noise pain” on a daily basis. 

Through the years I’ve had many patients inform me that they initially decided to seek treatment due to a particular symptom, such as neck pain, and didn’t realize they were also experiencing pain in another area. It wasn’t until their first chiropractic adjustment that they realized their, just as an example, lower back felt better than it did prior to the adjustment. I call this “White Noise”; a symptom the individual didn’t realize they could get rid of —let alone have —until it was gone.

Remember, pain is not the problem. Pain is a secondary condition alerting you to the fact that there is a problem. Without pain we would literally destroy ourselves. It’s pain that teaches us not to touch a hot stove a second time. While some may be “tougher than others”, unless one is in a situation that pushes them beyond their limits, pain should not exist unless there is an underlying condition.

Subluxations of the spine (a misaligned vertebrae interfering with proper nerve signals) can cause secondary conditions that range anywhere from asthma to high blood pressure, hyper and hypo conditions, and what most people think of when they think of chiropractic: pain.

The term “pinched nerve” gets thrown around a lot when someone is experiencing sharp pain; however, a pinched nerve does not always result in pain. As mentioned above, impingement upon a nerve can cause a wide array of visceral issues, most of which do not elicit pain.

Oftentimes a patient has no pain but is experiencing some other kind of symptom, such as leg weakness, chronic indigestion, allergies, and other things that they don’t realize is the result of a diminished nervous system.

“It was only a 2/10 ‘Doc’; no big deal.”
Yes it is! Pain is not “normal”.

Your nervous system controls every function in your body. When there’s interference on your nerves it results in lower mental impulses and loss of function. Over time, if left uncorrected, the loss of visceral or motor function escalates into a more severe health problem. 

So the question is, what causes the interference and what can you do about it? The big answer is stress. Whether it’s emotional stress, physical stress, or even chemical stress caused by improper nutrient and eating habits, the stress of our lives impacts our health. Primarily, it causes the body to adapt to the stress causing individual vertebrae to become misaligned with the adjacent vertebrae. This results in pressure to be put on the nerve roots that extend from between these segments.

What starts out as “White Noise Pain” progresses into actual loss of health and function. The good news is that we help “undo” what the stress of your life does to you.

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