Everyday Specials


Thank you for your bravery and service

Military (active & veteran)

First Responders (fire department, police, EMS, sheriff’s office, etc.)



Dr. Smith has a soft spot in his heart for educators.

This discount is a thank you for all the hard work you do shaping our future leaders. 


College Students

It’s tough working while going to school. Your health shouldn’t be put on the back burner while learning.

Offer available to self-paying college students.


Hoya Athletes

Harrison High School athletes can stay at peak performance.

Feel great, compete complete.


Required Fitness

As a proud business partner of Required Fitness, Dr. Smith is happy to offer its employees this discount


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Valid ID required for all discounts.

Due to strict federal laws, discounts cannot be applied when a 3rd party payer is involved. The special options above are only available with cash plans; we cannot file your insurance so charges will not apply toward your deductible (if you have one with your health insurance plan).

Updated March 2021: Specials & discounts are available for chiropractic adjustments only. We offer these discounts as a thank you to heroes and educators and as an understanding of the financial situation college students face. While we would love to offer these discounted rates for all services available at BackSmith Chiropractic, COVID protocols have limited our capacity in common areas of our office.